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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
  XXL - The Extended Portal System    

This web site is build with XXL the Extended Portal System. XXL based on the DotNetNuke framework but it delivers unique enhancements. The integrated skinning engine gives web designers the freedom to create web sites in there favorite HTML Editor. After uploading, the skinning engine converts the HTML Template into a valid ASCX file which can be used by XXL.

Each part of the web site can have a unique layout. This can be a simple module (i.e. the links module) or a tab (a tab is a container storing the modules that are shown in this part of the web site).

XXL - The Extended Portal System can be downloaded from this web site. Current version is 1.0.10 which is still beta. But as you can see on this web site it works stable enough to setup a productive site.


CMS Module Beta Version

Administrator Account |  10/28/2003

The first beta version of the CMS Module is delivered to the community. The CMS Module allows multipage article management with integrated workflow capabilities for approving and content publishing. The module allows article rating and user comments. You can attach links and downloads if you want.  [read more...]


  • Skinning Engine to convert HTML Templates
  • Multilanguage Support (including the web sites content)
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Complete database driven based on SQL Server
  • Full browser based administration
  • Integrated HTML Editor
  • Rolebased security for modules and tabs
  • Supports multiple portals with different urls